accountantHaving an accountant can make your life easier. Whether you are running a business or have complicated finances in your personal life, an accountant can take a lot off of your plate. When you work with a professional, it is important that they provide a wide variety of services, including IRS representation, so you can entrust your financial well-being to a single person or organization. Having to coordinate numerous accountants and tax professionals who all focus on different things can be draining, so it is ideal to find a single person who can handle all of your needs. In today’s blog, The Youngblood Group, LLC, discusses the importance of working with a full-service accountant.


Having a professional look after your books is one of the best ways to ensure your finances are in order. From the beginning, an accountant can help you with choosing the right entity when forming a corporation. Adept bookkeeping allows all other aspects of accounting to run smoothly. For instance, when it comes time to pay taxes, having your accounts organized makes the process much simpler. In general, bookkeeping consists of a professional completing your payroll, preparing financial statements, recording transactions, settling sales tax, and reconciling accounts. Overall, a bookkeeper makes sure that your business or personal finances are clearly organized, documented, and retained.


Another key service offered by a full-service accounting firm is handling your taxes — specifically planning and preparation. Having a sound tax plan from the start is extremely beneficial, as it allows you to keep as much money as possible when it comes time to pay the government. When it comes to tax planning, it is best to collect information and work year-round, so everything runs smoothly and according to plan.

When it is time to prepare your taxes, all the advance planning pays off and there shouldn’t be any surprises. Your accountant will request the appropriate documents from you and will handle everything from there. There won’t be any need for you to scramble because your accounting professional has gathered information over the year and will know exactly what needs to be done.

IRS Representation

Should the need to deal with the IRS arise, a full-service accountant who is also an Enrolled Agent can help immensely. Whether you are undergoing an audit or owe money, it is extremely beneficial to have a representative who understands the inner workings of the IRS. Enrolled Agent status is the highest certification from the IRS, and it indicates that the agent can represent you at all levels of the Internal Revenue Service. Having an Enrolled Agent on your side means you are working with the best.

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