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Earn 9.62 Percent Tax-Deferred Interest with Series I Bonds

Inflation is seldom a good thing.  But when it comes to investing, the U.S. Treasury Department has a downright fantastic inflation opportunity. You can buy bonds that pay 9.62 percent interest—tax-deferred—with no downside risk and no state or local income taxes when you cash them in. If you buy now, you earn 9.62 percent for… Read more »

Tips On How To Reduce Your Tax Bill

Save On Taxes

As a full-service accounting firm, a major desire of our clients is for us to help them to cut their tax bills. We certainly have the knowledge and expertise to save you as much as possible when we plan throughout the year and prepare your taxes, but there are also ways that you can reduce… Read more »

Independent Contractors And Taxes

Independent Contractor

Millions of American businesses hire independent contractors to perform all types of services. And millions of American workers prefer to work as contractors rather than employees. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people than ever want the freedom that comes with being an independent contractor.

ADA Website Compliance Means Tax Benefits

ada compliance

There are myriad reasons to ensure your website is ADA compliant. It ensures that anyone, regardless of disabilities, can fully interact and engage with your pages. They will not be excluded from your site’s information and can enjoy the same benefits as the non-disabled. This also your business to reach as many individuals as possible,… Read more »